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What a hot summer! Harvest came about a week earlier than last year. With the grapes seeming to come all at once we were glad we had ordered two new stainless-steel tanks months ago. We had fun driving the back roads of the Delta to pick up the new tanks in Pittsburg. The tanks were put in place immediately and within a couple of days, they were filled with Verdelho and Sauvignon Blanc.

We picked every week, filled up the main gallery 5 times running 1 ton fermenters down each side wall. As soon as the fermentation was complete it was time to press off and store the wine and start the process again with the next picking. At this point, we estimate about 50 tons picked and we are feeling it in our tired bodies. Only a few more tanks to press off and all will be cleaned and put away until next year. Come see and taste some new wines.

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